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Each store needs a stand under the checkout counter, in the reception area. In other words, a place to install a cash register. We offer a wide range of stands, small and large, with and without merchandise display areas, with and without show-cases. When buying commercial equipment for a store, or choosing furniture for a café or a beauty salon, you can choose a stand that fits your requirements on our website; and if you need to change the colour or size of the stand, supplement it or, on the contrary, remove unnecessary parts, we can easily accommodate your request as we manufacture all our products ourselves.

This page provides you with the samples of check-stands, checkout areas, cash handling units, reception desks, hostess desks for shops and businesses. We manufacture retail space furniture according to your drawings, sizes and design. In addition to the check-stands, we manufacture and supply fixtures and fittings for your store.

The Nelson’s Project

Корнеры, торговые островки, киоски и павильоны для установки в торговых центрах или других общественных местах

Торговые островки – неотъемлемый элемент обустройства любого торгового центра или супермаркета. Они предоставляют возможность оптимизировать торговое пространство и привлекают покупателей, обеспечивая комфортные условия для выбора товаров.

Островное торговое оборудование можно использовать для выкладки и продажи практически любых товаров – от ювелирных изделий и сувениров до чая, кофе, мобильных телефонов и многих других. Островные конструкции могут представлять собой как мини-прилавок, так и настоящий мини-магазин, поэтому их можно использовать в магазинах любого уровня и масштаба – от небольших магазинов до крупных торговых центров.

Островные конструкции собираются из стоек и витрин открытого и закрытого доступа, их геометрическая форма, размеры и цветовое решение могут быть абсолютно любыми. Доступ сотрудников в центр острова обеспечивается за счет наличия выдвижного элемента в конструкции.

Стеклянные витрины, которые используются в торговых островках, надежны и безопасны, они позволяют осмотреть выставленные товары со всех сторон и надежно защищают их от несанкционированного доступа. Грамотно выложенные товары внутри стеклянных витрин притягивают взоры покупателей и способствуют повышению прибыльности торгового предприятия.

Огромный выбор элементов островного торгового оборудования различного дизайна позволяет создавать эксклюзивные конструкции, которые станут изюминкой оформления торговой точки.

Наша компания осуществляет проектирование, изготовление и монтаж островного торгового оборудования. Для производства торговой мебели используются стекло, металл, МДФ, зеркала, пластиковые панели и другие материалы. Важное значение для привлечения покупателей к товарам, выложенным в островеке, имеет подсветка. Для этих целей обычно используют светодиодные светильники общего и направленного освещения. В рамках разработки дизайн-проекта торгового островка наши специалисты предложат оптимальный вариант светового сценария, который позволит создать настроение и привлечь внимание окружающих.

На этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с образцами торговых островков. Также, можем изготовить торговую мебель по вашим чертежам, размерам и дизайну.

20131 Grove Street

Shopping islets represent an integral part of any shopping centre or supermarket. They provide an opportunity to optimise the retail space and attract buyers, guaranteeing comfortable conditions for choosing goods.

Fixtures and fittings for the shopping islets can be used to display and sell almost any product — starting from jewellery and souvenirs to tea, coffee, mobile phones and many others. Structures for the shopping islets can be both a mini-counter and a real mini-store, so they can be used in stores of any level and scale — from small stores to large shopping centres.

The shopping islets are assembled from stands and showcases with open and closed access, and their geometric shape, dimensions and colours can be chosen by you. Access to the central part of the islet for the staff is ensured by means of a pull-out part of the structure.

Glass showcases used in the shopping islets are reliable and safe; they allow you to see the displayed goods from all sides and reliably protect them from unauthorised access. Smartly presented goods in the glass showcases attract the buyers and help to increase the profitability of any retailer.

A huge selection of elements of fixtures and fittings for the shopping islets with various designs allows you to create an exclusive design that will become a real WOW moment in your shopping unit.

Our company offers design, manufacture and installation services for fixtures and fittings in the shopping islets. We use glass, metal, MDF, mirrors, plastic panels and other materials for the manufacture of retail space furniture. Backlighting is essential for attracting shoppers to the goods presented in the islet. LED lamps providing ambient and directional lighting are generally used for this. During the elaboration of the design concept of the shopping islet, our experts will offer the best option for the lighting scenario that will create the right mood and attract an audience.

This page provides you with examples of the shopping islets. We can also manufacture retail space furniture according to your drawings, sizes and design.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Open trade displays, podiums and showcases represent one of the integral parts of the store arrangement; it is impossible to demonstrate goods to customers without them. They are used in stores of any format for displaying almost all types of food and non-grocery goods.

Our company offers all types of trade displays: wall-adjacent displays, corner displays, end caps, islets, and storage racks.

Wall-adjacent displays for shops represent the most common type of commercial racking equipment. Depending on the purpose, they are equipped with shelves of various widths, baskets, hooks and specialised elements. For example, there are special models designed for wine, printed matter and other specific products.

Shelves and baskets can be installed horizontally or at an angle. It is also possible to equip shelves with restrictive boards, preventing the accidental falling of goods. Corner models are used to create a common shelving line along the walls of any premises.

The back wall of the wall-adjacent structures can be blank, perforated, grid or open structure. Designs with a perforated back wall allow you to arrange shelves, baskets and other hanging items in any order, making it possible to use such models for selling different groups of goods. Designs with a grid back wall are convenient, as they allow you to hang goods on hooks in addition to displaying them on the shelves.

Islet stands are located in the centre of a store or sales area. They are equipped with shelves on both sides and allow you to zone the overall retail space in a smart manner. To complete the “islet” some end rack structures are used for the sides.

Warehouse models are used in utility rooms and warehouses for storage of the goods. Thanks to their open design, they provide easy access to the stored products. The depth of the shelves usually varies from 40 to 60 cm.

Glass stands and showcases allow one to see the displayed goods from all the sides, but, at the same time, reliably protect them from dust, moisture and other negative external influences, as well as from law-breakers. Depending on their purpose, trade showcases can be made in the form of a cabinet or a counter, which makes it possible to use the space of the retail floor in a clever way.

Glass showcases of the standard design are made on the basis of aluminium profiles and tempered glass, guaranteeing safety of the displayed products.

The profile can be painted in any colour selected from the RAL palette. Blank parts of the structure are made of high-quality moisture-resistant laminated chipboard. It is possible to use the customer's logo.

We can also manufacture custom-made trade stands or showcases according to your individual project. Our experts will prepare a design project for the interior part of the sales area, taking the layout features of the premises and specifics of the business area into account.

We offer you to place an order for trade showcases and shelves of any height, width and depth:

•    Open and with lockable doors.

•    Full glass or with a closed back wall.

•    Rectangular, square, angular, with rounded corners.

•    With rollout and fixed shelves.

•    With drawer units for the storage of goods.

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