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Residential interior design


- Space planning

- Creation of a design project for an apartment

- 3d visualization

- Preparation of technical documentation for the project

- Complete project implementation

- Author's supervision




Stages of work

Stage 1

The first meeting

Technical task


Planning solution

- discussion of wishes for a future project, possible redevelopment, timing of the project

- it reflects all the wishes of the customer: how many rooms need to be foreseen, what their functional purpose, what filling of the premises is planned and much more 

- departure of the designer to the object for the necessary measurements

- drawing up by the designer and approval by the customer of the general planning solution of the apartment (plan for dismantling or installation of walls and partitions, arrangement of furniture, plumbing, etc.)

Stage 2

Designer work

- development of a stylistic solution for the future interior, creation of an apartment interior concept

- selection of finishing materials and pieces of furniture  


- drawing up a plan for the location of lighting fixtures, laying out tiles, developing a design for ceilings and floors in the room

- 3d visualization of the future interior

Stage 3

Engineer work




Estimator work

- development of precise technical drawings, according to which the project will be implemented. The package includes documents with the selection of building and finishing materials (indicating the required amount), exact plans for partitions and structures that will need to be erected or, conversely, demolished. Plans for the installation of sockets, lighting fixtures, plans for ceilings and floor layouts, a plan for arranging pieces of furniture, etc.

- drawing up a complete estimate for work, the purchase of building and finishing materials, pieces of furniture, lighting elements, etc.

Stage 4

Implementation of the project

Author's supervision *

- purchase of building and finishing materials, pieces of furniture, lighting elements, etc.

- implementation of repair, construction and finishing works.

We carry out all work at the facilities only on our own, without the involvement of third-party specialists

- assembly and placement of furniture and decor elements

- completion of work

* all work on objects is carried out under the supervision of the designer who developed the project




Technical documentation



Author's supervision


- 3d-visualization from 25 EUR per 1 sqm.

- Technical documentation from 22 EUR per 1 sqm.

- Object visit from 30 EUR depending on distance

- Author's supervision from 350 EUR

Attention! Interior design development for free!

In the event that our company is engaged in the implementation of the project (stage 4), 100% of the cost of design development work (stage 1 + stage 2 + stage 3) will be offset by the cost of project implementation in the form of a discount

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